What is home staging?

Staging is the methodical process of preparing a property for sale in a way that will appeal to the highest number of buyers. By decluttering, depersonalizing, and enhancing the positive aspects of a property, staging encourages potential buyers to immediately visualize themselves living in the house. 

What is the difference between home staging and interior design?

Both home staging and interior design involve redecorating, but they are at opposite ends of the same spectrum. Home staging is redecorating in a manner that will appeal to the most number of people. Interior design is redecorating in a manner that appeals to the specific taste of the homeowner. 

Does home staging actually work?

StagedHomes.com, the industry leader in staging training and education, has done a lot of research on the effectiveness of home staging. They report: 

  • 95% of professionally staged homes sell on average in 17 days; 
  • Professionally staged homes command a 17% higher selling price than non-staged homes
  • An investment in staging yields an average Return on Investment of 197%

Brandywine Staging has staged over 1,500 homes since 2007.  We've witnessed first hand the benefits of staging and they are pretty consistent: staged homes spend less time on the market and command a higher selling price because they attract a broader array of potential buyers.  

I watch all the HGTV shows.  Can't I stage my own home?

There are certainly things every homeowner can do to prepare their home for sale.  Simple things like packing up all the clutter, removing all personal photos, and giving the house a thorough cleaning will give your home a good head start.  

But in order to properly prepare your home for sale in a way that will command the highest price in the shortest amount of time, you should work with a professionally trained Stager.  An experienced Stager will employee techniques that emphasize a property's strongest features while downplaying its challenging aspects. 

My home is vacant.  Do you only stage occupied homes?

Brandywine Staging will work with any type of property -- vacant or occupied; apartment, condo, row home, town house or mansion. Our clients include home owners, real estate agents, builders, investors and other business owners.

How much does staging cost?

Brandywine Staging offers services to accommodate any budget.  But regardless of the total cost, an investment in home staging is almost always less expensive than a listing price reduction.